Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cartoon Network!

This month marks Cartoon Network's 20th birthday on the air.  Since it's a birthday, I'm going to celebrate its greatness and the impact of the network that started as an acquisition of classic cartoons and has grown to become a pillar of televised animation. I'm not going to devote time to any of the less forgettable series or the disturbing amount of live-action shows though.  It's a party, so let's celebrate!

Let's start out with this little video made to commemorate the event:

There is also a series of bumpers by studio Primal Screen that are all really fun to watch.

Many CN shows are ingrained into the psyches of an entire generation (like mine). From The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack to Adventure Time and Young Justice, there have always been shows that I absolutely love.  They created a venue for adult-themed animation with the [adult swim] programming block.  Seth MacFarlane got his start animating on shows like Johnny Bravo.  Even today, the innovations continue with the network just recently announcing its first animated series to be run by a woman. Hopefully there will be at least twenty more years of fun, creator-driven programming to come.  What are some of your favorite Cartoon Network moments?  Let me know in the comments and party hard, cartoon friends!

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