Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic Con 2012 Cartoon Roundup

Comic Con 2012 has come and gone, and once again I find myself wishing I had been able to go.  While I love comics and am quite the nerd in some circles, there is also a veritable treasure trove of animation goodies for the hungry cartoon fan.  Here are some of my favorite interesting bits picked off the grapevine:

There's no denying that Hollywood has pretty much co-opted Comic Con as a place to provide scintillating new details about upcoming movies and TV shows.  Disney was promoting its upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph and handed out Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears for Epic Mickey 2 (due out this November).  The Ralph trailers look great, and as long as they improve the game mechanics for the first Epic Mickey, I can get excited about that too.

Nickelodeon announced that The Legend of Korra is being renewed for a second season, entitled "Spirit".  While not surprising, as the show's creators had always intended for it to be a two-season series, it was also announced that the show is now being planned for four "books" that will span 52 episodes in total.  This puts it at the same length as its predecessor, and while I don't doubt the talent behind the show, I hope they can keep the same magic in the subsequent books.

Fans of Fox's "Animation Domination" programming will be pleased that all shows were represented and hints were given about their upcoming seasons.  The Simpsons still aren't quitting any time soon, and with the success of The Longest Daycare playing before Ice Age: Continental Drift, I'm curious as to whether or not we'll see more Simpsons at the movies.  Seth MacFarlane also gave teasers about the upcoming seasons of Family Guy and American Dad!, so the reign of Emperor Seth I doesn't seem to be lightening up any time soon.

There was plenty more worth mentioning, but I could take up a whole shelf of books recounting everything that goes on at Comic Con.  Hopefully I'll actually be able to make my way one year, then I can bid on some of the rare cartoon collectibles they auction off every year.  Was there anything that got you really excited about Comic Con this year?  Let me know in the comments.

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