Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early "Avengers" Reference in "Super Hero Squad"?

Yesterday I caught an episode of The Super Hero Squad Show from 2009 (a fabulously hilarious show by the way). Thor has a crush on the Asgardian heroine, Valkyrie, and towards the end of the episode he asks her if she wants to go get some shawarma.  Fans of The Avengers (and probably anyone who has been told about it) get the reference.  Unfortunately I can't find a video to post, but needless to say my mind was blown.

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  1. You know what will really blow your mind? Most of the concepts from The Avengers live action film can be found in the earlier cartoon series from 2010. In fact, the cartoon does much to explain certain events that occurred in the movie, though there are some discrepancies between the two.